Girl with dramatic lashes


Nevermind diamonds, lashes are a girl's new best friend.

Whether you are looking for a natural lift or a dramatic look you will feel confident and gorgeous day and night.

Eyelash extensions are one of our most popular treatments and are perfect for all occasions, they have an instant effect on your look and the way you feel. For the ultimate lash we use quality Nouveau Silk lashes which have inspired the industry. Longer, fuller, natural looking lashes will be achieved by our fully qualified technicians who are frequently trained to maintain the high standards that our customers expect.

Temporary Lashes
These lashes provide a pretty and dramatic look which really enhances the eyes, giving you a fuller lash and a vibrant appearance these lashes can last anything from 2-5 days and are great for a quick fix for the weekend or special occasion.

Nouveau Lashes
from £40.00
These State of the art eyelash extensions deliver the ultimate in the world of lashes, from a natural lift to glamorous volume, you choose. These individual silk lashes carefully and gently bonded to your natural lashes applying them with a unique weight for weight lash technique to protect your own lashes. Note these can take up to 2.5 hours to apply.

Removal with Reapplication
Entire removals are to be done by your therapist which will be done for free if a new set is being reapplied.

Removal Only
Removals with no reapplication.

from £20.00
Infills are offered upon request along with a consultation to discuss how long is necessary and what price is to be charged. We recommend 2 weeks for an infill however any longer may need a full set.

After Care Products
Breaks are recommended when having enhancements and here at Gem's Beauty we provide retail home care products to help in between treatments to give longevity, repair and remove. Products include:
Sealants to maintain your enhancements inbetween treatments.
Conditioning Serum to repair lashes after treatment.
At home lash removal treatment.